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Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Barbarian Barbarian lvl1 Barbarian lvl1 Barbarian lvl3 Barbarian lvl3 Barbarian lvl5 Barbarian lvl6
Archer 480px-Archer lvl1 480px-Archer lvl1 480px-Archer lvl3 480px-Archer lvl3 480px-Archer lvl5 480px-Archer lvl6
Goblin Goblin lvl1 Goblin lvl1 Goblin lvl3 Goblin lvl3 Goblin lvl5
Giant Giant lvl1 Giant lvl1 Giant lvl3 Giant lvl3 Giant lvl5 Giant lvl6
Wall Breaker Wallbreaker lvl1 Wallbreaker lvl1 Wallbreaker lvl3 Wallbreaker lvl3 Wallbreaker lvl5 Wall breaker6
Balloon Balloon1C Balloon1C Balloon3C Balloon3C Balloon5C Balloon6 250
Wizard 480px-Wizard lvl1 better 480px-Wizard lvl1 better 480px-Wizard lvl3 480px-Wizard lvl4 480px-Wizard lvl5 480px-Wizard 6 troop moorgr0ve
Healer Healer1 Healer1 Healer3 Healer3
Dragon 480px-Dragon 1 troop moorgr0ve 480px-Dragon 2 troop moorgr0ve 480px-Dragon 3 troop moorgr0ve 480px-Dragon 4 troop moorgr0ve
P.E.K.K.A 480px-Pekka lvl1 480px-Pekka lvl2 480px-Pekka lvl3 480px-Pekka lvl4
Minion Minion 1 Minion 1 Minion 3 Minion 3 Minion 5
Hog-Rider Hogrider1 Hogrider1 Hogrider3 Hogrider3 Hogrider5
Valkyrie Valkyrie1 Valkyrie1 Valkyrie3 Valkyrie3
Golem/Golemite Golem1 100 Golem1 100 Golem3 100 Golem3 100 Golem5
Witch Witch lvl1 Witch lvl1
Witch's Skeleton 125px-Skeleton render 125px-Skeleton render

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