"In old war times, soldiers used to believe that the construction of statues had a mysterious aura or power which would favor them in war."

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Life Idol Life Guardian Life Masterpiece
85px 90px 120px
Ice Idol Ice Guardian Ice Masterpiece
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Magma Idol Magma Guardian Magma Masterpiece
Dark Idol Dark Guardian Dark Masterpiece

  • Summary
    • Statues are created from the Sculptor. Power Stones are required to create statues.
    • Statues boost different aspects of the game, such as increasing building health or increasing Wood production rate.
    • Life Statues boost resource production, Ice Statues boost your buildings, Magma Statues boost your troops and Dark Statues boost "various things".
    • Statues come in 4 different elements: Life, Ice, Magma and Dark.
    • There are no restrictions on what idols and guardians you can have, but you can only have one of each type of masterpiece. Meaning, it will not let you place a troop health masterpiece if you already have another troop health masterpiece. Just to clarify, you can have both a troop health and a troop damage masterpiece. You are just not allowed to have two masterpieces with the same effect.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • The color of the Power Stone used to create the statue determines what element the statue is going to be.

  • Trivia
    • The order of statues is Life-Ice-Magma-Dark, but it's likely that someone will get Life, Magma and Dark statues before they get Ice Statues because Ice Power Stones are rarer than all other Power Stones.


Statue Tier Sculpting Cost Power Stone Type Chance Sculpting Time Reclaim For
Idol Fragments 85% 10s 1 Shard
Guardian Shards 12% 1h 1 Crystal
Masterpiece Crystals 3% 10h 7 Power Powder

Possible Statues

Statue Type Idol Guardian Masterpiece
Life Gold Template:Res
production boost
6-10% 12-20% 24-50%
Wood Template:Res, Stone Template:Res
or Iron Template:Res
production boost
7-12% 15-25% 30-62%
All resource
production boost
3-5% 6-10% 12-25%
Ice Buildings
health boost
3-6% 7-13% 15-32%
Defensive Buildings
damage boost
4-7% 9-15% 18-37%
Magma Troops
health boost
4-7% 8-14% 16-35%
damage boost
3-6% 7-13% 15-32%
Dark Gunboat
Energy boost
5-8% 10-17% 20-42%
reward boost
6-10% 12-20% 24-50%
Power Stone
chance boost
11-15% 18-30% 36-75%

  • NOTE: Older statues may not apply to this chart entirely due to updates before the global release.